Yard of the Month

Whiffletree is well known for our many responsible and caring homeowners and their beautifully maintained yards! Five winners are selected each year during the spring and summer months, and a banner is displayed in the yard of the winner.  We also select 2 homes for exceptional holiday decorations in December.  Each of the winners is awarded a $100 gift certificate from Shades of Green Nursery in Frisco.  Our beautification committee members (neighborhood volunteers) are already scoping the neighborhood and making notes on their top picks.

How to Qualify

To qualify for a YOM Award you must be a dues paying member and maintain a beautiful front yard. If you haven't paid your annual dues please do so today! Visit our website www.mywhiffletreehoa.com to pay with a credit card, or send a check (payable to Whiffletree HOA), to: Whiffletree HOA, PMB 288, 3948 Legacy Drive, Ste. 106, Plano, TX 75023. Any questions on YOM please call Tom at 972-978-1026.

20-0930YOM IMG_3268

September 2020 Winner - 7019 Harvey Lane

Congratulations to John and Jonna Langley at 7019 Harvey Lane!  They won YOM in September 2018 and again this September.  John is very cautious about taking much credit for their beautiful yard, since he admits that Jonna does most of the work.  John says, if I have a choice of yard work or golf, that golf wins most of the time!  They are a fun couple and their little dog Lexy also enjoyed getting in on the action.  Nice job on your property John and Jonna, you make us Whiffletree proud!

Pictured left to right...our newest beautification committee member Gary Basham, John (holding Lexy), Jonna (accepting the award certificate),  Kim Dixon (Yom leader), and committee member Donna Mummert.   Thanks much for everyone's participation. The Langley's won a $100 gift card to Shades of Green Nursery.  Our next YOM awards will be in December for Christmas Decorations.  Yes, Christmas is just 86 days away!

20-07 YOM JULY 2020

July 2020 Winner - 7325 Marchman Way

Our July "Yard of the Month" winner is 7325 Marchman Way. The homeowners are Bill and Deanna Shay.

You may want to drive by and check out their beautifully manicured yard! You can't miss it, especially with the Yard of the Month banner posted out front. Kim Dixon, YOM lead (on right) presented Bill and Deanna with congratulations and a gift card from Shades of Green Nursery. YOM committee member Donna Mummert (next to Kim) joined in on the presentation and brought her little dog Bridget. As usual Bridget was a big hit with the Shea's, and Bill is shown holding her for the photo.

The committee did a great job selecting our July YOM winner, beautiful home and yard, and very nice people! Next YOM award will be in September.


June 2020 Winner - 3308 Wolfe Court

If you want to see a beautiful yard, check out 3308 Wolfe Court.  Owners Ryan Burrow and Richard Bridger have made numerous improvements to their home since moving in just a short time ago. The curb appeal of this home with the new paint job, landscaping, and all decked out for July 4th is exceptional! Our committee voted them number one for June and we presented their award and posted our banner on Friday, June 30th. Welcome to Whiffletree and congratulations on winning YOM.


May 2020 Winner - 7313 Lougheed Plaza

On Friday, our Beautification Committee presented the "Yard of the Month" award to 7313 Lougheed Plaza. Steven and Robyn Macmeeken maintain an absolutely stunning yard, that launched their home to the #1 spot for May in our voting process. Robyn (second from left in the picture) indicates that she truly loves being outside and maintaining their property. She and Steve do the work themselves which requires a lot of tender loving care. Thank you Robyn and Steve for all your work and for making us Whiffletree proud! You will notice in the picture, rather than the typical congratulatory hand shake we opted for an elbow bump (sign of the times). The Macmeeken's were awarded a $100 gift card to Shades of Green Nursery, as well as having our banner in their yard for a week. Drive by and check it out!

Note: All dues paying members of WHOA are eligible to participate in YOM. If you haven't paid your dues yet this year, please do so as soon as you can. We know this is a difficult time for some residents due to the COVID-19 impact on jobs and the overall economy. If you are able, please visit our website, pay your $120 annual dues and check out the latest newsletter from our WHOA President. Thank you!


August 2019 Winner - 3513 Snidow Drive

Congratulations to Chris & Deborah Hankinson & family, Whiffletree August Yard of the Month award winners. Their beautiful home is located @ 3513 Snidow Drive. They can often be seen working meticulously in their yard keeping the flowers fresh & colorful throughout the hot summer months.

Like prior winners, the Hankinson family receives $100 gift card at Shades of Green Nursery in Frisco.  The pride this family puts into their home significantly adds to the beauty of Whiffletree.  Great job!

Note that this is the last Yard of the Month award for 2019. 

19-07 Bill and Deanna Shea3

July 2019 Winner - 7325 Marchman Way

Another month, another Yard of the Month award winner for a beautiful yard in Whiffletree. This month’s winners are Deanna and Bill Shea of 7325 Marchman Way. As you can see they have a fantastic yard with bright, colorful flowers. Deanna and Bill win the $100 gift certificate at Shades of Green in Frisco. Congratulations Deanna and Bill, you are well deserved winners for July.


June 2019 Winner - 3517 Dumond Place

Congratulations to Donald & Sandra Bizzell of 3517 Dumond Place for winning Whiffletree Yard of the Month (YOM) award for June. As you can see, their yard is beautiful and well deserved winner. They received $100 gift card at Shades of Green Nursery in Frisco. It is the dedication and hard work of neighbor such as Don and Sandra that make Whiffletree a beautiful place to live.


May 2019 Winner - 7313 Lougheed Plaza

Congratulations to Robyn and Steven MacMeeken for winning Whiffletree Yard of the Month (YOM) award for May.  Their yard truly lives up to Whiffletree's Best Platinum designation. Our YOM banner is displayed in their yard and they were awarded a $100 gift certificate to Shades of Green Nursery in Frisco.  Our next YOM award with be presented at the end of June and our committee is already scoping out worthy contenders!


April 2019 Winner - 3401 Caleo Court

Congratulations to Ken Satsky and Mark Cunningham of 3401 Caleo Court for winning the April Yard-of-the-Month (YOM) award. Our YOM banner is displayed in their yard and they were awarded a $100 gift certificate to Shades of Green Nursery in Frisco. Great job homeowners, your neighbors appreciate all the effort you put into your property!